Building balance through activated probiotic defense


Our microscopic cleaning crew relentlessly preserves and protects your surfaces from potential biological threats, so your building and the people in it stay as healthy as possible. Our probiotic solutions work for many business types.

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Hayley Tannhauser

Supervisor, Victoria Airport Acciona Service

"With the elevated cleaning protocols necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we collaborated with Origen Clean to obtain a battery-powered electrostatic fogger and activated probiotics to deploy a program to clean and protect all surfaces within our facility. Along with the TravelSafe program, YYJ received their 2020 accreditation under the Airport Council International's Airport Health Accreditation program, joining a select few airports in Canada. Origen Clean's products are safe, organic, and easy to use."

"We have had considerable success using activated probiotic fogging treatments for all Saanich schools and facilities. Our cleaning staff have saved time in their routines and also noticed improvements in their overall health and well-being by reducing the use of toxic chemical cleaners and integrating Origen Clean's certified organic probiotic cleaning products on a regular basis. I am pleased to endorse Origen Clean's fogging products." 


Syd Portman

Custodial Services Manager, School District 63


Care Homes
Origen Clean probiotic cleaning solutions are perfect for adding a second layer of protection to care homes. Our probiotic spray adds a second layer of protection that helps defend against viruses.
Origen Clean has partnered with school district 63 and more in Victoria to help protect children at a higher level from viral threats. Since schools are such large indoor spaces, it can be hard to clean them with high efficiency. Origen Clean provides the second layer of cleaning needed to take school cleaning to a new level.
Our probiotic spray is perfect for transportation, including busses. The optimal layer of protection for hard to reach places and materials that can not be easily cleaned by hand. It works especially well in large transportation spaces that need to be cleaned quickly.
Origen Clean works will in the hospitality industry. Our probiotic cleaning solution is ideal for large spaces that have customers entering and leaving on a consistent basis. Add a second layer of cleaning protection with Origen Clean.
Many large retail spaces need more protection in their cleaning regimes. Limit your use of harsh chemical cleaners by investing in a sustainable future. Our probiotic cleaning solution is safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly.
Large Indoor Spaces
Origen Clean has partnered with many clients of large indoor spaces to protect their business at a higher level. With probiotic UL-V fogging technology, Origen Clean has protected the likes of Victoria International Airport and others.
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Cleans All Surfaces




We provide new clients with a free discovery session to introduce our products and technology.

We set you up with the equipment to start protecting your indoor spaces at a higher level than before.

Use our Activated Probiotic Defense solution to take your cleaning to a new level. People in your building will appreciate it.


Activated Probiotic Defense

Destroy harmful bacteria and pathogens found on surfaces and indoor air spaces via ULV dispersant technology.

Control Your Environment

Don't let your organization become a variable when it comes to public health and safety.

Inspire Customer Confidence

Fresh, clean surfaces gives customers confidence in your new safety and sanitation protocols.

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