How Your Business Can Manage Safety And Health During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across Canada and around the world are navigating new terrain. It has become extremely important for businesses to adapt and create safer indoor environments for both customers and employees. In this article, we break down the top three things your business can do to help ensure the most protected and healthy indoor space possible during COVID-19.

How to manage business safely during COVID-19

1. Adopting Physical Distancing In The Office

One of the primary concerns with shared workspaces is how to maintain a safe environment within close quarters. WorkSafeBC encourages all employees to clean and disinfect any shared spaces or have alternate shifts to limit shared workspaces entirely. A safe distance as defined by the BC Centre For Disease Control is 2 meters (6 feet). This means desks and people should always sit two meters apart from each other where possible. Also, it is recommended by the Government of Canada that if an employee is sick (cough, fever, or difficulty breathing), they should be encouraged to stay home as long as needed. Two weeks is the recommended quarantine period for someone to ensure they are COVID-free before returning to work.

The Government of Canada also encourages physical distancing in any environment where there are multiple people. A few things they suggest are to:

  • Avoid handshakes and other common greetings

  • Limit contact with people at higher risk

  • Keep a distance of 2 meters as much as possible

  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

  • Avoid touching your face

  • Avoid touching surfaces that other people touch often

Customer safety during COVID-19

2. Cleaning Using Safe & Healthy Methods

According to the Centre for Disease Control, individuals can still transmit COVID-19 without manifesting any physical symptoms. Office spaces provide the ideal breeding ground for the transmission of harmful bacteria, as they generate many opportunities for “high touch areas”, including elevators, office desks, washroom doors and lobbies. This is why it is crucial that appropriate sanitation and cleaning processes are put into effect as soon as possible within your business setting. The CDC encourages the use of disinfecting resources to kill germs off of surfaces; a process that is dramatically enhanced through probiotic fogging technology.

To get ahead of the game, office spaces should consider implementing disinfecting procedures to ensure optimal safety for its employees. Origen Clean meets this need by using non-toxic detergents to reduce bacterial pathogens, remaining active on surfaces for 3-5 days. For more information on how to protect your office with probiotic cleaning solutions contact Origen Clean.

Sustainable cleaning solution during covid-19

3. Creating New Signage and Safety Checklists

Given the current situation of the world, people are in general more hesitant to be in public environments. This mentality has caused people to exercise more caution in public spaces and sometimes avoid going out for non-essential purposes altogether. Since this is the case, it’s important to have proper signage on display at your business to inspire confidence from your customers that your indoor space is indeed as clean and safe as possible.

Signage examples include things like occupancy signage, for instance, indicating how many people are allowed in your building at one time. Your organization may want to also add a sign explaining to customers that they should not enter the building if they have symptoms that could indicate they are infected with covid-19. Finally, you can post a 1-page document with your company branding printed on the main door which outlines the steps you are taking as an organization to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus in your location. If you have engaged in enhanced cleaning procedures with Origen Clean, you can also add that your organization has been “Origen Optimized”, engaging even higher customer confidence before they enter your building.

The city of Victoria (where Origen Clean is based) has a comprehensive website full of useful templates to help guide your signage creation. If your organization is not located in Victoria, check your municipality or city website for templates to work from.

school cleaning solution for covid-19

Next Steps For Your Organization

As the world re-opens without a COVID-19 vaccine in place, businesses are presented with the challenge and opportunity to adapt to a new reality. While there are many things you can do to ensure a safe building space, an overarching and consistent theme for any business is to keep your surfaces clean. As many people will be coming into contact with these surfaces, it is essential to have a low-cost solution to keep them clean for days at a time. Origen Clean’s activated probiotic fogging solutions help to maintain a safe indoor environment during these challenging times and inspire employee and customer confidence. To get a custom quote and a free demo of our probiotic cleaning solutions, contact us.

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Written by: Jordan Dharni and Zac Andrus


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