Origen Clean August Updates

We had a busy month at Origen Clean! In this blog post, you will find updates on business developments, a new partnership, and an explanation of why probiotic cleaners are better than regular chemical cleaners. Our goal is to keep you informed as we continue to grow and make positive changes in developing our cleaning solutions.

Victoria Airport Partnership

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Victoria Airport (YYJ). Origen Clean supplies YYJ with full-scale probiotic fogging solutions for their enhanced cleaning protocols. The health and safety of customers is of utmost importance to both YYJ and Origen Clean. With COVID-19 concerns from travelers and the airport; it is the perfect time for this partnership to take shape. Read more here.

Probiotic Cleaners > Chemical Cleaners

Are you looking for a more economical, effective, and environmentally-friendly option for your surface cleaning? Look no further then Origen Clean's probiotic cleaning solutions. Probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that help fight against ‘bad’ bacteria while simultaneously promoting the growth of more ‘good’ bacteria. Probiotics are a powerful and natural tool, and have now been harnessed in the form of innovative bacillus-powered probiotic cleaners. Read the top 5 reasons why probiotic cleaners beat regular chemical cleaners in our latest blog post.

Get Involved

We are leveraging nature-based scientific solutions to dramatically improve the health and sanitation of our built environments. We are here to assist businesses in adapting to our new reality through heightened cleaning procedures that are in line with Island Health standards and WorkSafeBC requirements. If you would like to get your business cleaned with our probiotic cleaning solution, contact us. We will then provide our Origen Optimized quote based on your unique business needs. We are here to help you save time, save money and establish confidence in your cleaning routine.

Ensure Your Building Is Healthy & Balanced

At Origen Clean, believe all buildings should be healthy and balanced. That's why we've put together a free e-book with our top 10 tips to help keep your staff, customers, and stakeholders healthier over time. Use these tactics to ensure the best possible environment for everyone who enters your building

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Safe building probiotic spray

Probiotic Cleaning Quote

At Origen Clean, we believe probiotics are the key to long-term prosperity of any company. We are pleased to provide new clients with an initial discovery session to introduce our products and technology.