Origen Clean October Updates

It has been a fast-paced month at Origen Clean! We are excited to see our probiotic cleaning solutions starting to take shape around Victoria. Our partners at Victoria Airport and School District 63 are reporting faster cleaning times and it's great to see a second layer of protection being added to high-touch surfaces. In this blog post, we recap some of the highlights and takeaways for all-things Origen Clean during the month of October.

October news for Origen Clean

Our Partners Are Loving It

Our microscopic cleaning crews have been dispersed through our Building Balance programs all around Victoria. These dedicated crews preserve and protect your surfaces from potential biological threats. Our partners at the Victoria International Airport and School District 63 have reported faster cleaning times, reduced labour costs, and improved customer confidence in the safety of their facilities. Your organization can be part of a sustainable future with Origen Clean's Building Balance program. We are not a replacement for cleaning and disinfection procedures - we are the final piece of the puzzle that dramatically improves the efficacy and optics of your current cleaning regimes. Check out our latest video showcasing our probiotic fogger in action at YYJ.

Victoria airport cleaning standards

How Your Business Can Manage Safety & Health During COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across Canada and around the world are navigating new terrain. It has become extremely important for businesses to adapt and create safer indoor environments for both customers and employees. In this article, we break down the top three things your business can do to help ensure the most protected and healthy indoor space possible during COVID-19. Because at the end of the day, the long-term health of the people in our buildings is our top priority.

Probiotic cleaning for COVID-19 protection

B-Corp Certification

Not only do our Origen Clean probiotic solutions help you regain control of your indoor environment, but we are also working towards our B Corp certification.Global challenges such as social injustices and climate change are rooted in our history and systems, including our economy. While these weighty challenges developed over time, they can be reshaped and reversed — collectively and individually. Business leaders and investors need methods to make collective commitments, set measurable goals, and achieve transparent progress. While we are not B Corp certified as a company yet, we are working to develop these methods to create roadmaps and drive collective change.

B-corp certification goals

A Note From Sue & Andy

It has been another great month at Origen Clean, full of new growth for both our internal team and partners. Things are moving at a fast pace and we couldn’t be more excited that our probiotic cleaning solutions are starting to take shape and have a real impact. Through discovery sessions, phone calls, and zoom meetings, we’ve been learning what industry leaders are looking for help with in terms of a full-circle approach to employee health. With greenest regards from our ecosystem to yours, we look forward to crossing paths with you on this journey towards a cleaner, healthier planet.

Origen Clean co-founder notes

Probiotic Cleaning Quote

At Origen Clean, we believe probiotics are the key to long-term prosperity of any company. We are pleased to provide new clients with an initial discovery session to introduce our products and technology.