Origen Clean September Updates

We had a busy month at Origen Clean! In this blog post, you will find updates on business developments as well as the difference between chemical cleaners of the past and probiotic cleaners of the present.

The Old vs. The New

Today, we are still using the same chemical cleaners as the industrial revolutionaries over two centuries ago. Standard cleaners are incredibly corrosive and toxic, capable of leaving indoor environments defenseless. They are harmful to every occupant in the building, as well as unsustainable for the environment. So why settle when there’s an innovative and modern surface cleaning option?

Introducing: probiotic cleaners! Probiotic cleaners can eliminate harmful biofilms: a layer that even bleach can’t get through. This economical, effective, and environmentally-friendly option harnesses the power of ‘good’ bacteria to fight against ‘bad’ bacteria in ways that even regular chemical cleaners can’t by themselves. Use probiotic cleaners in conjunction with safe, standard cleaners to protect your business and loved ones for years to come. 

To learn more, watch our latest Origen Clean video, highlighting Activated Probiotic Defense.

Discovery Session

We are launching a probiotic cleaning revolution. At Origen Clean, we believe probiotics are the key to long-term prosperity of any company. We are pleased to provide new clients with an initial discovery session to introduce our products and technology. Some of the many benefits of the session include gaining a greater understanding of how probiotic cleaners work, what your cost and time savings as an organization are likely to be, and how our services can best be tailored to your organization. To book a discovery session for your organization, simply contact us.

French Alps FAISE Program Semi-Finalist

Congratulations to our co-founder Andrew Crawford on being selected as semi-finalists from the BC Open Call for the FAISE program to be held in the French Alps! Thank you also to FAISE and Empowered Startups. Two winners will join an international cohort for a curated 6-day immersion, validation and softlanding program in Grenoble, France, including priority access to the renowned High Level Forum hosted by the GIANT campus - Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies. A huge congrats to the other talented entrepreneurs from the BC Call Semi-Finalists as well and best of luck. 

Ensure Your Building Is Healthy & Balanced

At Origen Clean, believe all buildings should be healthy and balanced. That's why we've put together a free e-book with our top 10 tips to help keep your staff, customers, and stakeholders healthier over time. Use these tactics to ensure the best possible environment for everyone who enters your building

Click here to download free e-book

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