Origen Clean Partners With YYJ

Origen Clean is proud to announce a new partnership with Victoria Airport (YYJ). Origen Clean supplies Victoria International with full-scale fogging solutions for their enhanced cleaning protocols at YYJ. The health and safety of customers is of utmost importance to both YYJ and Origen Clean. With COVID-19 concerns from travelers and the airport, this was the perfect time for this partnership to take shape.

Victoria Airport (photo courtesy of dutyfreeinformation.com)

Victoria International was the first Origen Clean client to immediately react to the coronavirus situation by calling for a large-scale fogging regime for their facilities. 

Since initiating a pilot test of the probiotic fogging solution, Origen Clean has evolved its delivery system into a highly efficient backpack fogger. The cleaning team at Victoria International Airport can now fog over 50,000 square feet of the airport in 2 hours. They perform this task 2 times per week, with each fogging providing a lasting level of protection and sanitation for up to 5 days per application.

How YYJ Is Responding To COVID-19

At Victoria International Airport (YYJ), the health and safety of their passengers, partners, visitors and airport employees is of top priority. That's why they launched the “TravelSafe YYJ Program” on July 1st. The airport is committed to doing their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that everyone’s travel experience is as safe as possible.

TravelSafe YYJ is a multi-phased and multi-faceted program incorporating health and safety directives for air travellers, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing practices throughout the air terminal building, and physical distancing measures.

One of the notable in-building updates includes enhanced cleaning practices. This is where Origen Clean has been able to lend a helping hand. All public areas are now frequently sanitized with medical-grade cleaning products and electro-static cleaning devices including departure check-in areas and all other high-touch points such as door handles, self-serve kiosks, stairway and escalator handrails and elevators.

Some other notable measures for travelers include: Limiting access to the air terminal building to passengers with a valid ticket and airport employees only and requesting that face coverings be worn by all passengers and employees in all public areas. 

Click here to learn more about the current status of YYJ and how they are addressing COVID-19 here.

The Cleaning Benefits For YYJ

Origen Clean’s probiotic fogging solution effectively treats and protects ALL surfaces. This includes hard, soft, upholstered, paper, and electronic surfaces within the airport. The solution is organic, food-grade, non-caustic (will not burn or corrode something else), and is safe for the cleaning staff to handle without gloves or masks.

The solution is also cost effective as the Origen Clean probiotic concentrate can cover 50,000 square feet using only a fraction of what would be required using conventional cleaning and disinfection processes.

Cleaning Benefits for Travelers

All surface contamination and odour sources are neutralized and eliminated rapidly through the biweekly deployment.

The deployment of Origen Clean in conjunction with effective cleaning procedures will limit the human health threats of COVID-19, and will reduce the time and money spent on cleaning and sanitation practice.

The reduction of caustic chemical cleaners and disinfectants reduces the human health threats the passengers and airport staff are exposed to on a regular basis.

Natural microbial balance is restored within the facilities, providing a safe and healthy environment to exist in while waiting for your flight.

How You Can Get Involved With Origen Clean

If you are looking to improve your cleaning measures due to COVID-19, all you have to do is contact us. We will give you a cleaning quote based on your specific business size and needs after a free phone or video consultation. 

We are here to help businesses respond to COVID-19 the right way while inspiring customer confidence and protecting your employees. Let’s eliminate those dangerous pathogens that have developed immunity to traditional cleaning products and purify your business with fresh, clean air.

Ensure Your Building Is Healthy & Balanced

At Origen Clean, believe all buildings should be healthy and balanced. That's why we've put together a free e-book with our top 10 tips to help keep your staff, customers, and stakeholders healthier over time. Use these tactics to ensure the best possible environment for everyone who enters your building

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