5 Reasons Why Probiotic Cleaners Beat Regular Chemical Cleaners

Are you looking for a more  economical, effective, and environmentally-friendly option for your surface cleaning? Look no further than probiotic cleaning solutions.

First of all, what is a probiotic cleaner?

In a nutshell, probiotics are ‘good’ bacteria that help fight against ‘bad’ bacteria while simultaneously promoting the growth of more ‘good’ bacteria. Probiotics are a powerful and natural tool, and have now been harnessed in the form of innovative germ-powered probiotic cleaners.

Now, here are five reasons why natural probiotic cleaners beat regular chemical cleaners.

1. Probiotics clean more effectively, and continue to work even after you’re done

According to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), chemical cleaners are not effective  in “preventing recontamination and...create resistant strains.”

On the other hand, another study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that probiotics, in dental centers, were more effective than regular chemical cleaners: “There was a significant reduction of the bacterial counts...from almost all the surfaces in the dental clinic”

Chemical cleaners are only effective in the short-term, while probiotic cleaners continue to work long after you’ve applied the product. This means, switching to probiotic cleaners also means less work for you. (CASBO).

2. Probiotics are safer for you, your surfaces, and the environment

Chemical cleaners rely on non-sustainable and harmful chemicals, they can have serious health effects, and they can corrode your surfaces over time. On the flipside, probiotic cleaners have a good environmental impact, keep things clean safely, and provide protection without abrasive action. This way, your surfaces can look better for longer in a healthy and eco-friendly way! (OSHA).

3. Probiotics are more cost-efficient

Chemical cleaners may initially seem cost-effective, but with a closer look, you’ll realise this is not true in the long-term. Since chemical cleaners are only effective in the short-term, one will have to spend more on expensive manual labour to constantly reapply the cleaner. Chemical cleaners also have to be diluted to safe levels before usage, which can reduce their effectiveness. Who wants to pay for a non-effective cleaner? 

However, probiotic cleaners don't need to be diluted at all, which keeps them at their full effectiveness. They also have the mechanisms to work longer, which means there is no need for constant reapplication, resulting in a reduction in labour costs (Genesis Biosciences)

4. Probiotics eliminate harmful biofilms: a layer that even bleach can’t get through

Biofilms are a thin collection of microorganisms that, according to The National Institute of Health, accounts for “over 80 percent of microbial infections in the body.” Biofilms are also incredibly difficult to eliminate with antimicrobials, which means that most likely, your chemical cleaners aren’t even killing the bugs that matter.

Probiotics are effective in removing biofilm; working through that tough layer, unlike regular chemical cleaners (Activated You).

5. Probiotics protect against dangerous drug-resistant “superbugs”

‘Superbugs’ are organisms that build up a tolerance to the chemicals used to eliminate them. Incorrect usage of chemical products can contribute to a rise in these harmful biocide-resistant bacteria. Thankfully, there is a way to combat these “superbugs” without perpetuating the cycle.  According to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) probiotic cleaners were able to reduce “antibiotic resistance genes in the contaminating microbial population” and “[lower] drug-resistant species”. Pretty incredible!

What's Next?

In conclusion, switching to probiotic cleaners will keep you, your surfaces, and your environment safe in ways that even your regular chemical cleaners can’t! Join the more economical, effective, and eco-friendly way.

If you would like Origen Clean to protect your business environment with our probiotic cleaning solution, contact us and we will create a custom quote based on your business size and needs.

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Written by: Bethanea Chou

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