1. About Us

At Origen Clean, we believe that nature always wins. That's why we've harnessed the power of nature to restore biological balance to indoor spaces. 


We are a BC-based clean tech company leveraging nature-based scientific solutions to dramatically improve the health and sanitation of our built environments. We are assisting businesses in adapting to our new reality through heightened cleaning procedures that are in line with Island Health standards and WorkSafeBC requirements. 


Our probiotic products and services dramatically improve the effectiveness of traditional surface cleaning and disinfecting procedures. By removing dangerous biofilm and surface contamination issues within the built environment, our probiotic products deploy a proactive barrier of defence against microscopic threats to human health and well-being. 


We are here to help you save time, save money and establish confidence in your cleaning routine.

2. Management / Staff Bios


CTO & Co-Founder

​With a fiery entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for disruptive innovation, Andrew has been on the front lines in the development of vertical farms, living walls, electric vehicles, water filtration, waste management, and alternative energy solutions. From 2005 to 2016, Andrew spent 11 years living in the Hawaiian Islands where he owned and operated a hospitality consultancy group, raised his family, and was the owner/operator of an orchid nursery. He possesses a strong background in economics and hospitality management which has served him well over the past 20 years as a hotel manager and consultant working with such brands as The Four Seasons, Hilton, Starwood, and Ritz Carlton. He has a strong knowledge of botany, irrigation systems, and the wholesale/retail plant industry. His companies advocate sustainable farming practices and promote organic growing procedures.



CEO & Co-Founder

From 2005 to 2019, Susan worked as legal counsel in this role she sharpened her negotiation and team building skills. She has legal expertise in contract, tax, environmental, negligence, and land law. In addition to her law degree (2002) she has a double major (hon) degree in Psychology and Environmental Studies (1997) from the University of Victoria, a residential and commercial real estate licence from the University of British Columbia (2015) and her B-Provincial (Football) Coaching License (2013).​ Susan believes in action and is committed to contributing to reduce GHG emissions to 30% below 2005 standards by 2030 as agreed to in the Kyoto Protocol and Paris Accord.



CIO & Co-Founder

Ryan Lider is a software developer, entrepreneur, and cybersecurity specialist with 17 years of software development experience. He is an OSCP cybersecurity penetration tester, and co-founder of XNote technologies, a SaaS company. In addition, he has a passion for innovative biotechnology and wide-range experience in gene-editing technologies. He has two degrees in Microbiology (2017) and Computer Science (2019).

3. Product, Services & FAQ

Protect Your Business Now


What does Origen Clean do?

Origen Clean offers probiotic cleaning solutions for companies that operate large indoor spaces. We work with many different industries to ensure the health and long-term prosperity of both clients and employees. Our probiotic spray comes in the form of a backpack containing our state-of-the-art probiotic spray with leasing and purchasing options. We are here to help guide your surface cleaning and disinfecting practices for every industry.


How does your probiotic cleaner work?

We offer probiotic cleaning solutions in the form of a backpack and sustainable probiotic solution. We provide these tools in the form of lease and purchasing options. We also provide cleaning guidance for our clients for their unique indoor space situations. The probiotic solution is stored within the backpack and then the backpack disperses the solution through a form of quick-action fogging. This method saves time and money for organizations with large indoor spaces as it can be done faster than traditional disinfectant sprays. 


The probiotic "good bacteria" then continues to work in the background for up to 5 days without the user having to spray again. The important thing to note is that probiotic cleaners are meant to be used in conjunction with traditional cleaners as an extra layer of continuous protection (rather than completely replacing traditional cleaners).

Are probiotic cleaners safe?

Yes! Probiotic cleaners are completely safe. You can use as much of it as you would like as it consists of good bacteria that humans were meant to be around. Our bodies invite good bacteria which in turn helps fight off bad bacteria from our bodies. Without good bacteria, our bodies are not able to fight off infections and viruses when they come into our environment. By removing dangerous biofilm and surface contamination issues within the built environment, our probiotic products deploy a proactive barrier of defense against microscopic threats to human health and well-being. 

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