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They are eco-friendly; thus, they can reduce the exposure to chemical disinfectants and will reduce the selection of resistant bacteria.

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Combining disinfecting with probiotic cleaners can allow optimal long-term maintenance of low levels of contamination.

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Probiotics are not only active in controlling surface microbial contamination but also in lowering drug-resistant species by limiting bacterial growth.

The main reason we are believers in probiotic cleaners is because they are alive! They feed on the bad bacteria in your indoor space, continuously cleaning even while you're away. The probiotics do this for up to five days after they are sprayed. The more you use them, the more they will take over your indoor space, leaving no room for pathogens, bacteria, fungi, chemical compounds or bad bacteria to multiply. They do this all at a microscopic level where these tiny living single-celled and multi-celled organisms live. In essence, they bring nature into your indoor environment, restoring the natural balance that humans were meant to thrive in. The combination of using probiotic cleaning solutions alongside traditional methods will save you money, time, and health in the long-term as the people within your building will develop better immune systems and be sick less often.

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Origen probiotic cleaners are safe, non-toxic detergents enriched with “good bacteria”. The probiotics remain active on surfaces for 3-5 days after cleaning and work to continually reduce the presence of bacterial pathogens, remove biofilms and eliminate odours. By removing biofilm and surface contamination issues within indoor spaces, our probiotics deploy a proactive barrier of defence against microscopic threats to human health and well-being.  We use ULV dispersant technology to ensure every surface is protected, reducing the risk of the spread of harmful microorganisms.



Don’t let your organization be a question mark when it comes to public health and safety. Regain control over your environment and instill confidence in your ability to operate safely with Origen Clean. Many chemicals found in standard cleaning products are known irritants and allergens. Using too much of these kind of products, such as bleach, can make your employees less immune to viruses in the futureIt's time to start cleaning your indoor environment the right way with Origen Clean probiotic cleaning solutions.



All surface contamination and odour sources are neutralized and eliminated rapidly through the biweekly deployment of Origen Clean, leaving behind fresh scents that last for up to three days. Fresh, clean air inspires consumer confidence in your new safety and sanitation protocols.



Time spent excessively cleaning between customers is time taken away from customer focus and service. Through reducing the amount of time spent cleaning high-frequency areas, your employees will have more time to attend to customer’s needs.



It is imperative to protect everyone entering your building from this dangerous virus. The deployment of Origen Clean alongside effective cleaning procedures will limit the human health threats of COVID-19, reduce the time and money spent on cleaning and sanitation practice and relieve associated stress. It is important to note that probiotics will not kill COVID-19. Rather, the probiotics will work continuously to remove viruses and other bacteria from your indoor environment for days at a time. Bleach, in comparison, only works to clean surfaces for 30 minutes at a time before it must be reapplied. Thus, multiple cleanings a day would be required to ensure viruses are being dealt with continuously on your surfaces. Origen Clean is able to assist your business with returning to work by providing enhanced products and procedures on a schedule that works for you.